Our Purpose

Michelle Amerson-Alamin immediately fell in love with event planning and designing after she planned her first major event in 2012. She gained experience in the wedding and event industry by working behind the scenes with some of the leading designers today. She realized then that this is truly her life's purpose.


Mrs. Amerson-Alamin became an epic wedding planner, master fundraiser, hostess, a unique event specialist, and a design fanatic. She has a reputation as a reliable expert and advisor. A brief list of some of her clients are: Coca Cola, Marriott hotels, SSD, VP Empire Beauty Schools and others. She is devoted to her family, community, and clients, which is why she launched M.AMERSON INFINITE CREATIONS. She believes that your dreams are infinite, just like her creations.  

- M.Amerson Infinite Creations

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Fayetteville Ga.30214

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